The owner and operator of the website informs the users of the website (further: website) about handling and protecting the personal data and about the user's rights and the opportunities of practise these rights.

The data are managed and processed by Bega 2001 Bt. (further: the operator) (headquarter: H-9700 Szombathely, Kárpáti Kelemen u. 44., tax nr.: 21113592-2-18)

If the operator asks for personal data of the user (further: user) the following privacy policy is applicable..

By using the website the user accepts the terms and conditions described in this statement.

Information about data processing

This privacy statement (privacy policy) contains basic information about handling, processing and recording the personal data may given by the user by visiting the website.

Data request

Usually the user doesn't have to provide any data to the operator when visiting the website. To be able to use some services and functions it could be necessary to provide some specific personal data.

The scope of processed data

The start and end time of visiting the website, or some data of the user's computer (depending on settings of the computer), type and version number of the browser and operating system could be recorded sometimes. These data will never be linked to the personal data of the user.

The handling and processing of data given by visiting the website will always be carried out with free agreement of the user.

The operator draws the attention (referring to the law) that underage users are allowed to carry out any transaction only with guidance of parents or legal representative.

Purpose of data handling, data processing

Managing data serves the continuous contact between the operator and user of the website and of course a better user experience. The operator uses these data only for the purpose to provide improved quality service to the user in the following areas:

  • for answering any questions, queries on the website (for quotations, requests)
  • for improving the content and functionality of the website
  • for customize the content of the website
  • for identification of registered users
  • for internal records
  • for preventing functional problems.

All data of the users are kept confidential, the security of these data is in focus.

The personal data won't be published, sold, leased or given to a third party without previous agreement of the user, unless it is required by law or regulation. The same applies for data obtained by using data files.

The operator is allowed to contact the user per telephone, email or letter, considering the method of contact preferred by the user.

Use of cookies

The operator of the website uses cookies to provide the possibly best user experience to the user. The cookies have several function: they store the individual settings of the user, they are used by adding items to online baskets, or make it generally easier to use the website.

By using some parts of the website the operator installs some small data files (cookies) with data which cannot be linked directly to the user, with the purpose to store data, to indentify the user, to make the next visit of the user easier, to improve the service efficiency, or collect data for market research.

The data collected by the operator by using cookies will not be linked to the identification data of the user.

The user can choose from the following options regarding of cookies in their browser:

  • they can set to receive a message , when the operator intending to put cookies in their computer
  • they can anytime disable the sending of cookies

The operator draws the attention that the purpose of using of cookies is to allow an easy usage of the website, so the preventing of application of cookies, or deleting them can cause deficient function of the website or a different appearance of the website in the browser of the user.

The website can contain links directing to a third party website. If the user clicks on the link of the website of a third party, they should consider, that these sites have their own privacy policies, so these policies are strongly suggested to read by using the website.

By visiting the website the user accepts the using of cookies.

Duration of data management

The data given by the user are only used during the contact with the user. The cookies used on the website are stored on the device of the user until they delete them, or until the cookies are automatically deleted from the browser by the end of their expiry date.

User's rights regarding of data management

By handling user's data the operator refers to the user's agreement of accepting the terms and conditions.

The user is entitled to ask for information about their data management on any of the contact details given on the website. The user also can initiate the correcting or deleting their personal data on the contact details above.

Opportunities of giving effect to the rights

In an event of violating the rights of the user, they can process the case to the court, or can ask for help of the data protection authorities.

The law CXII. from year 2011 contains the detailed statutory provisions of the above and of the operator's obligations regarding the protecting and the publication of data.

Present privacy statement is based on law VI. from year 1998 - Protection of individual privacy by processing personal data - and on law CXII. of year 2011 - Right of Self-determination of Information and Freedom of Information.


The operator preserves the right to amend present privacy statement any time. The user is obliged time to time to revise the privacy statement to learn about the potential amendments.

We use cookies on our website to give you the best user experience.