The aim is to improve and build up a positive self-image for each patient and in many cases, to dramatically enhance their smile and improve self-confidence. Cosmetic DentistryImplementing one of the many possible ways of tooth whitening, nowadays anyone can afford a pleasing smile. The tooth whitening controlled by the dentist is safe and gentle to the teeth. The result can be 4-5 shades whiter teeth.

Tooth whitening can be done: at home, in the surgery, for root canal treated teeth.

Veneers: correction of the front teeth due to mismatch in shape or colour. Cosmetic DentistryWhen a patient is dissatisfied with the colour and/or shape of his/her front teeth, the so-called indirect porcelain veneers (manufactured in a dental laboratory) or the direct veneers (made out of bonding material in the surgery) can provide a pleasing and elegant solution. The main advantage of the veneers as opposed to crowns is that less work is required; thus less tooth material is lost.

Diastema closure: eliminating the too big or disturbing gap between the front teeth. The method is similar to applying veneer; as the gap is filled with white filling material.

Tooth jewellery: there is a choice of colour and size, that can be applied onto your own tooth or a crown. It does not damage the tooth enamel and can be taken off any time without leaving any trace.

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